• The breakers are easy to clean and require very little maintenance
  • Maintaining the quality of the meat
  • The breaker can be combined with other machines, creating a complete product line

The crushers are also used in the production of cheese.
Selo also offers a solution for products which are stacked on a pallet. In this situation, a so-called pallet crusher is used. This is a larger type of crusher which, depending on the method of loading and the number of crusher shafts (one or two), processes up to 30 tons of product per hour.


The brand Karl Schnell has grown into an internationally known concept in the food industry over the last 70 years. Karl Schnell is a German machine building company, where fully developed technology is combined with constant innovation.

These are based on the development of economical, high-quality and application-oriented machines and systems. Over the course of the company’s history, many new machines have been developed that had a considerable impact on the industrial processing of food.